Discovering Boston: Day 1

This past weekend my mom, sister, and I packed our bags and took a quick trip to Boston.  Olivia, my sister, is in search for that perfect college…the place she’ll call home for 4 years starting in Fall2013.  It’s a little crazy that my baby sister is getting ready to go to college…but those thoughts are for another time.  This post is about BOSTON!

We headed to Boston to check out BU…and though the school was a bit of a disappointment, the city was great (cold…but great).  After a delayed flight, we finally arrived just an hour before the information session and tour at BU.  So, we hailed a cab, swung by the hotel and then hopped on the T to get us to the campus.  The information session was lacking…but the tour was good.  They have the coolest housing…these great old brownstones!

After our tour we were STARVED, so we grabbed a quick bite to eat at a pizza place to campus.  The food was good..we were just happy to have something in our stomachs.  Friday evening we headed over to the Museum of Fine Art, which is open until NINE:FOURTY-FIVE on Friday nights!  The place is gigantic so we had to set some priorities, as we knew we wouldn’t make it through the entire place.  So, we headed to the wing with “Art of Europe” and then to “Contemporary Art”.  But this great surpise snuck in before we got to either section…


There was this great big open space with some intimate dining and a huge mother of a piece by Chihuly.  We spent some time admiring (oooing and ahhhing) this piece before moving on to our planned destinations.

You can see the height of the sculpture in the window reflection in the background

Close up of the glass spikes. Great lighting on this piece!

Showing off some of it's monstrous height.

We found ourselves pondering different pieces, spending lots of time admiring some, while hurrying past others.  It’s so fascinating to see what draws people to art…and what kind of art people connect with.  I could stair at photographs all day long from all different periods…I simply love photography. Especially early photography when they were just getting the idea of it and experimenting.  When photography wasn’t a profession, rather just a past time for gentleman to do…it was a hobby of sorts.  We didn’t have time to explore photography this trip…but I love art in general, so I was a happy camper to be there surrounded by some of the greats.

Olivia seems to be drawn into pieces that have historical relevance.  She loved the exhibit “Beauty as Duty: Textiles and the Home Front of WWII Britain” and spent a good amount of time reading everything and soaking in the details.  She even took a seat on the floor to read through some of the scarves.

Mom loves the classics.  There were two galleries she loved, one with Monet, Degas and other 19th C. painters.  She loves the impressionists.  I would have to agree.  The way they perceived light and put it on canvas is spectacularly beautiful.  I love how you can see all the brush strokes when you are close to a Monet, but the image isn’t clear until you step back and look at it from a distance.  Kind of reminds me of the way life works sometimes…right??

Then on to the Contemporary section, where works by Chuck Close, Cindy Sherman, Donald Judd, and Matthew Day Jackson were among some of our favorites.  This was the last section of the gallery for the evening…so we didn’t spend as much time here.  But I think the MOST IMPORTANT thing to do when looking at contemporary art is READ THE DESCRIPTION.  Contemporary artists create some really funky stuff and it’s important to understand the message behind their pieces.  Once you read the description, I think the appreciation for the work grows tremendously.

After an evening surrounded by awesome art, we hopped back on the T and headed back towards the hotel.  We had a late lunch and weren’t hungry for dinner…so we found ourselves enjoying dessert instead!  We went to Finale Desserterie & Bakery, which happened to be just around the corner from our hotel.

They have a regular menu with ACTUAL food, but it was definitely designed to be a dessert destination.  We couldn’t each decide on a dessert we wanted to try…they all sounded so good!  So, we got the sampler platter and tried a little bit of everything.

The sampler was great…but left something to be desired.  I think we would have done better to each pick our own dessert….maybe even try the hot chocolate flight they had listed!!  After dessert we headed back to the hotel and crashed…we had a busy day lined up for Saturday!

Stay tuned for Day 2.


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