Sara Bareilles Concert

Last night Olivia and I went to see Sara Bareilles perform at Belmont.  We had such a good time and she was so so good live!  We both think she’s better live…usually the opposite is the case.  Sara was really good at engaging the crowd, which was part of why it was so good.  One guy left her a little note on the piano…so she rapped the poem he had written her…asking her to his prom.  So cute!  Seeing concerts in Nashville is pretty great.  At the end of the show everyone started singing this little melody (one she had us sing during her last song) to get her to come back out on stage for an encore..which she did.

Here’s a little peak at the show, thank you instagram:

It was a general admission show…and we didn’t get there early enough to get floor seats.  But, it actually turned out perfect because we were able to sit the entire time and could see.  The floor stood the whole time and it’s always harder to see over those in front of you!

I also took a short video but I haven’t had a chance to upload it yet.  I’ll add it later today hopefully!

Did you do anything fun this weekend??



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