Sister Runs

I love being back in Nashville for several reasons.  I love the city and the access to awesome outdoor activities.  Josh and I have been meaning to go on a hike for quite some time now and somehow our Saturdays continue to get filled before we have time to plan a hike.  Maybe this weekend??  I also love being here because this is where our relationship started and grew..and where we got married.

Another big thing I love about being back in Nashville is being close to family.  Sister and I have started meeting up once or twice a week to go running and I have loved our time together.  Last week we met up at one of our favorite parks and ran the trails.  She prefers the hilliest trail, of course.  It was TOUGH but we both felt great afterwards.  I had my iphone armband on and we listened to some good tunes along the way.  It was the first time I had used it without headphones..but it was great!  Looking forward to continuing these runs.

THIS is part of the reason I love Tennessee!

The trials are beautiful, right??  The only problem is the obstacles you have to watch for, especially when running.  There are rocks and roots everywhere and it is easy to trip up on them.  In fact, on our trail run last week I DID trip on a rock and the result was a scraped up leg (still have bruising a week later).  Thankfully, I had no real injuries from my fall and we were able to continue our run.

This makes it look much worse than it actually was. Most of that is just dirt!

Us, post run. We had a great time...smiles to prove it.

Where do you live and what is your favorite part about living there?



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