Running the WP5k

Just saw a post about Automattic’s Worldwide WP5k that I happened to miss out on.  It was supposed to be a 5k run you did on your own on April 29 (or April 23-29).  Well, in the spirit of running, I thought I would post about my run yesterday.

Yesterday I stopped at River Park to run the Crockett Park paths.  The paths are absolutely beautiful and quite a bit cooler than just running along the road. They are mostly shaded and wind along a creek.  You can usually spot deer here if you run early in the morning..and I just happened to see 2 deer yesterday evening!  I didn’t snap any pictures as I had just started my run and didn’t want to hold up my progress.  The other bonus of this’s mostly flat.  There are a few small hills on the path (and one huge hill if you get off the path and head into one of the surrounding neighborhoods), but for the most’s flat.

I have this grand inner dialogue when I do runs in the evening.  I usually leave work and drive to my running destination and along the way I waver back and forth between running and just going home to cook a good meal.  The problem with running AFTER work is that dinner ends up being late. (8:30 sometimes 9 depending on what I’m making).  I never regret choosing to run, it can just be challenging to push myself to get there.

Yesterday I headed down the path feeling a little tired.  My legs were a bit heavy and my mind wasn’t totally ready to run.  But once I got a few minutes in, everything got better and I found a good pace.  I use the Map My Run app on my iPhone to track my mileage and time. The latest update to the app is actually pretty cool, it will give you your time and pace at each mile.  Very helpful if you are trying to pace for a race.  I’ve actually used Map My Run to track my runs for years (started using it in 2007) and love their site.  You can go online and chart a loop before you head out on a run to figure out distance ahead of time.

Yesterday’s run encompassed 4.12 miles (yes..a bit longer than a 5k) in 36:11.

I ran around this field (photo taken previously).

Blurry field while running

And when I finished my run, I saw this:

Nice sunset with a kite overhead

Running was followed by a nice dinner of salmon, stir fried zucchini and yellow squash, and wild rice.  So good after a run!


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