Mother’s Day Weekend

This weekend was full of fun activities.  Friday night we went to dinner with Josh’s parents at Las Palmas.  They had just gotten back from the beach, where they consumed lots and lots of fresh seafood and were left craving some Mexican (envious of their week of seafood).  After a delicious meal (fajitas for me) and a good margarita, we headed to downtown Franklin for some Sweet CeCe’s.  They have a pretty good take on frozen yogurt and the inside looks like an old candy shop.  Not sure that I like it better that Yumilicious in Dallas (I miss the avocado yogurt!)..but it was pretty tasty.

Josh’s cup o’ yogurt. Fruity Pebbles is our staple for fro-yo. They also had sour gummy worms!! Love how colorful his yogurt is.

Saturday I had a hair appointment, followed by a wedding shower for Josh’s cousin.  It was a really nice, relaxing afternoon chatting with family and their friends and enjoying some delicious shower food.  Oh..and we played a game (which was really cute and fun).  We had to write the bride and groom’s names vertically on our piece of paper and then use each letter for a wedding word or phrase.  This can be much harder than you might think!

Me and Mom-in-law at the shower
(hot rolled hair went flat due to humidity..ick!)

After the shower we got to see the soon-to-be bride’s new home!  It’s perfect for them and in just the perfect spot!  Looking forward to seeing the finished product after all the renovations.

Sunday was spent preparing dinner for the family.  We had Josh’s grandmother and grandfather, aunt and cousin over to his parent’s house for a Mother’s Day dinner.  We had a great day preparing.  Mom-in-law and I did the grocery shopping and then went to work chopping everything up in the kitchen.  It was a group effort for this meal, which was part of the fun.  I made a batch of Sunset Sangria (my first time making it) and was very happy with the result.  I found the recipe on but have provided it for you below.  Josh was in charge of the steaks and he did an AMAZING job.  They were super tender and had some great flavor.  He always uses Worcestershire sauce as part of the marinating process…but this time they were really really good.  We also had baked potatoes with all the fixins’ and my favorite strawberry and blue cheese salad with homemade balsamic vinaigrette and sweet and spicy pecans.  I’ll have to share this recipe another time.  It’s one of my go-to sides for all occasions.  For dessert, we had angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream, which is my dad-in-law’s specialty. It was SO good!

Friday night Josh and I finished up Season for of Mad Men. Now we just have to catch up to this season’s episodes.  We’ve loved the series and the only bad part about catching up is not having one (or 3) to watch every night.

What did you do this Mother’s Day?  I know there are a lot out there who are NEW moms..or moms-to-be, what was your favorite part of the day?


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