goer vs. stayer

It’s finally Friday and all I really wanted to do this weekend was lay around and relax.  Somehow, I have planned yet another fun-filled weekend…which means no laying around.

Joshua and I constantly have the battle of “goer vs. stayer”.  You see, I am really much more of a “stayer” – I like to be home doing things together..not running around the city all weekend.  Joshua is the more social of the 2 of us and he is definitely the “goer” type.  But hen, I somehow plan all of these events for us to GO to and before you know it, the weekend is over and I haven’t had an ounce of time spent relaxing at home.  But, I suppose that’s what weeknights are for!

Our itinerary for the weekend includes:

1) Sounds Baseball Game (Friday)

Why yes, that is a GUITAR SHAPED SCOREBOARD you see. Possibly our favorite thing about the Sounds.

2) RC Cola – Moon Pie Festival

Yes, the “Southern Duo” has their own festival where a queen and king are crowned.

There may also be an event for “lassoing the largest Moon Pie”…I don’t know…

You may just need to check it out for yourself…it’s going all day Saturday in Bell Buckle, Tennessee

3) Father’s Day Dinner with my side of the family

We’ll be celebrating my dad Saturday night, before Mom, Dad, and Olivia head to the Bahamas for a mission trip.

4) Father’s Day Lunch with the Vincent family

It’ll be the 4 of us plus the rest of the family.

Everyone is coming over to our place for lunch…must start planning a menu!

Sunday night is Bible Study – we’re doing Beth Moore’s study on Daniel and are at the half way point.  It’s been a good study so far..this week has been especially good! Then Joshua and I are headed over to my parents’ house to stay for the week.  I’m looking forward to some time on our own, possibly some evening walks to the park, and a shorter commute to work!

What do you have planned for the weekend?  Are you a goer or a stayer?


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