Soul Soothing Music

Last night Joshua and I were able to attend the first of the summer series “Bluegrass Nights” at the Ryman.  Have you ever been to the Ryman?  There is virtually not a bad seat in the place…well, unless you get stuck behind a pillar on the main floor.  We were in the balcony, about 4 rows up and I honestly think this is a pretty great spot.

There are just some tunes that are good for your soul…and bluegrass is definitely among those.  The picking of the banjo, with the deep bellows of the upright bass, and the beautiful sweet chords of a fiddle and mandolin combine to create something so special.  Throw in the beautiful voices of Sarah Jarosz and Vince Gill and you have last night’s performance.  We also got a lot of good stories to go along with the songs Vince played, which was really great and created a wonderful, personal atmosphere.

One of my favorite things he talked about was about the composition of bluegrass music.  He said it’s not about any one person in the group, it’s the combination of all the parts, every instrument or voice is as important as the others and the songs he played showcased that beautifully.  Each instrument had a bit of a solo during every song…and the pickin’ those artists’ can do is simply incredible and they make it look so easy!

Here’s a little taste of Sarah’s music – absolutely beautiful.

Thanks, Ryman and Springer Mountain Farms, for putting on this great series for the summer!


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