Winds are Shifting

I loved Mary Poppins growing up and one big parts at the beginning (and end) of the movie is the shifting of winds that brings Mary Poppins to the Banks family (and sweeps her away at the end when her work is done).  

I think we’re experiencing our own bit of shifting winds – with new opportunities and changes on our horizon.  Some of these changes are exciting, some are scary.  I’m glad I have a great partner to lean on through all of these changes and a God that is leading and directing our paths.

I am going to hold off on sharing all of these changes, as they are all rather up in the air right now.  But, I will share a little about our Sunday, as we had a nice day just being with one another!

Joshua and I had a good full day together yesterday – just talking about the future, about our desires and dreams.  We talked about what we had imagined life to be like before we got married, about the path we thought our lives would take…and how we are in a completely different place than we thought.  It was good to talk and share what was on our hearts and minds.  I can’t imagine anything more important than sharing with each other.  We took a scenic drive through Franklin, past the rope swing on the river and then up to Green Hills to try out this great new coffee shop – The Well.  Something about being together in the car is always really great.  I love to ride along side my husband and look out at the world around us…and I think he finds something wonderful about driving.  It’s somewhat therapeutic for us.

Looking forward to a productive week!


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