Adventures Along the Natchez Trace

After a late start to the day, and a haircut mid-afternoon, Joshua and I headed out for a hike.  However, we soon found ourselves cruising down back roads and eventually on the Natchez Trace.  We knew we could find a bit of hiking along the road, but we weren’t exactly sure where those hiking spots were.  You see, we LOVE the Trace and love taking scenic country drives and have never really ventured out of the car on previous drives. We love cranking up the radio and listening to some good music while enjoying the beauty that is Middle Tennessee.  This time around we created an oldies Pandora station that featured songs like ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’,’This Magic Moment’ and Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’.  It was pretty spectacular.

This time I was determined to get a little exercise in.  We stopped at one of the larger rest stops along the Natchez Trace and grabbed a map and realized we needed to head South (we had been heading North, towards Nashville).  We finally arrived at Jackson Falls and I’m so glad we found this little treasure.  It’s not a roaring waterfall…in fact, it’s more of a trickle.  But it’s beautiful down in the valley!  Josh and I both took our iPhones along and captured some of the beauty.

Top left: Moss on a creek bed rock. Top right: Trickling water from the waterfall rocks.
Bottom left: Joshua beside the falls. Bottom right: Stepped mushrooms on a log in the creek.

After climbing back up out of the deep valley, we hit the road to head back home.  We stopped at the Gordon House, which was just a few miles up the Trace from Jackson Falls.  The house is one of the oldest brick buildings in the area, dating to 1817-18.  It was built by John Gordon, who operated a trading post and ferry on the nearby Duck River.  It looked like they used to have the house open tours, but everything is now closed.

We’re planning on heading down the Natchez Trace again sooner to see some of the stops further South.  The map we used can be found on the National Park Service website. You can pick the section you want to travel and it will provide details on the stops to make.  We used the Alabama/Tennessee line to Nashville map.

Great little adventure for a Saturday afternoon.


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