Friday Letters

The beginning of this week was a bit overwhelming.  I’m so thankful it’s Friday and I’ve pulled through all of the new things this week has brought.

Dear Acura RDX, You rock and welcome to the family!  Maybe one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Looking forward to many years of driving you.  So glad we found you. I promise to figure out a rad name for you.  (Any suggestions out there?)

Dear Joshua, Thank you for being my rock through this week.  You are such a wonderful, loving husband and all your words of encouragement have been such a blessing this week.  I’m looking forward to our adventure this evening and some cuddle time this weekend.

Dear school,  You started out a bit overwhelming, but I think we’re going to get along rather nicely.  I’ve already learned so much and it’s only the first week..and I’ve only had one class!  Looking forward to the rest of this journey and becoming a strong, confident, loving teacher.  My class this quarter is all about teaching children to write and the first thing I’ve learned is that I need to be a confident writer.  I would say this blog has really helped me with that confidence.

Dear BuNasty (aka The Bu), Our journey together has come to a close.  You’ve been replaced by the beauty above, but I have some fond memories traveling to states far and wide.  You took me from Freshman year of college all the way through 4 years of marriage….it’s been a real ride but you just weren’t cutting it anymore. Thanks for keeping me safe.  Your last picture is below (later that bit the dust).

Dear readers, I hope each of you has had a wonderful week.  Thanks for stopping in and have a wonderful weekend!



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