Dallas Trip

Joshua and I headed to Dallas last weekend for a little catch up time with some dear friends.  We headed out late Thursday afternoon, getting us to Dallas around 1am.  We had a great time on the drive and I even captured this amazing sunset.

Completely, awesome…right?  It kind of looked like it was going to storm our entire way there (at least the part that we had daylight for).  The rain held out until we were on our way home.

Friday was a casually filled day.  I headed to the Y to visit with some great old co-workers.  I was even treated to lunch at Mi Cocina.  They were all probably about to roll over and die because I used to NEVER want to go there (not huge on tex-mex), but it was great to do something that was old tradition.  Friday afternoon we headed to Twisted Root Burger for Joshua to grab some lunch.  He was so excited for their delicious fare.  The burger didn’t disappoint, but the beer selection DID!  We used to love Twisted Root for their huge, delicious selection…which has been drastically reduced to appeal to the college crowd. Total bummer.  Twisted Root was followed by a trip to AMS Ducati.  It was great to see our friends there and catch up for a while while surrounded by beautiful Italian motorcycles.

Like this beauty! (image from scenic reflections)

Motorcycles was followed by shopping for game day apparel with Ashley at NorthPark while the guys caught up over a beer and then dinner at Kona Grill.  We had some delicious sushi!

Pre-tailgate picture. The only one of us from the entire weekend.

Saturday was a day full of tailgating and football.  We went to the SMU tailgate for a while and then headed to a bar to watch the Tennessee vs. Florida game (Jayson’s choice…clearly NOT mine!).  The tailgate was really fun.  We got to see a bunch of Joshua’s old classmates and catch up with everyone.  Oh, and the weather was perfect.

The drive back was quite dreary, but we did get off the interstate and took Highway 100 from Memphis to Nashville.  If you ever have time to joy ride and find yourself headed from Memphis to Nashville (or the other way around), we highly suggest taking the back roads.  It is absolutely gorgeous with some awesome turns, too.
Well..that about sums it up!  How was your weekend.


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