Casting a Net of Pranks

Sunday found us headed to Joshua’s grandparents house (that sentence just made me sing, over the river and through the woods…you get the point).  So we were there to help winterize their pond.  His grandparents have this awesomely peaceful back porch with a great little pond and waterfall just off the porch.  Well, we had to put some nets over the water to keep all the leaves from falling in and clogging the pump.

So, I was inside with grandfather watching the Titans game when Joshua came in and asked if I could come help untangle the net.  I was pretty comfy on the couch..but I decided to go help out.  So, I start untangling the big ball of net and my dad-in-law (a.k.a. V2) tells me I need to be pulling the sticks out as I go.  So, I start pulling little sticks out, unwrapping, pulling sticks out, get the picture.  He keeps telling me I need to get the big one..”Get that big one, no…that big one.” I finally go after the one he keeps pointing at.  But then I notice…that’s not a stick and proclaim “It’s a snake skin, not a stick” and start to investigate.  At this point Joshua, my sweet sweet husband, points out that it’s actually a dead PETRIFIED snake, not just a snake skin.

I think they were hoping for a jumping, squealing moment…but not from this girl.  Sure, I chose not to remove said dead snake, but I think they were impressed that I kept working and didn’t let out one scream.  I would say that’s 10 points me, zero points men.


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