Friday Letters

Dear hot air ballooners, I have to admit I am a little envious of your morning ride past my house.  It looks so peaceful to be above it all early in the morning.  There is nothing like seeing a beautiful sunrise and I imagine it is even more glorious up there…in the sky.

Dear husband, I am going to miss you so much this weekend!  This weeks seems to have flown by with little time to connect.  Thanks for the sweet morning cuddles.  They are always the best.  Drive safely…and can’t wait to hop on the back of the new Duc!

Dear sister, I can’t wait to spend the weekend with you!  Looking forward to some quality time together…even if that means working on homework at the kitchen table (2 papers due on Tuesday)

Dear school, I can’t believe my first class is already coming to a close.  A little stressed about these last two assignments, but I’m feeling confident…which is always good.  Looking forward to my next class…but my first class set some pretty high expectations.  Hoping the second lives up to my expectations!

Dear readers, Hope you have a fantastic weekend!  Anything special planned?


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