Looming Deadlines

I have several very important tests coming up in November…which is just around the corner, my friends.  I cannot believe October is almost over.  The first of these tests is the Praxis Content Knowledge test on November 3.  I will be taking the “Are you smarter than a 5th grader” test that morning and I am in serious crunch time.  One would think the topics would be easy…but some of the content is surprisingly difficult.  I know I can do it…I just need to push onwards to the finish.
Test #2 will be a bit more difficult.  I need to take the MAT (Miller Analogue Test) for grad school this semester in order to do all course work BEFORE student teaching. If I don’t get this done, I’ll have to student teach next fall and THEN finish up my coursework for my grad degree WHILE teaching.  I much rather do all coursework first.

On top of those tests, I have work and my normal school work..say a little prayer, would you? I know this will all work out, I know this is where God wants me to be.  But that doesn’t mean I can slack off..if anything, it means I need to dedicate myself that much more!



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