Friday Letters

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s my last day of work before Christmas, with only 2 days of work next week.  Looking forward to the time off!

Pom Poms for Christmas present "bows"

Pom Poms for Christmas present “bows”

Dear Olivia, I hope you’re having fun in Haiti.  So proud of you for giving up your Christmas to give one to your friends in Haiti.  Also – so proud of you for getting into some really awesome schools!  Looking forward to all the others you have yet to hear from!  You, my little sister, are pretty rockin’!

Dear Holiday Shoppers, Please be nice…I have most gifts still to purchase and I would like for this to be a pleasant experience.  I am usually done by now.

Dear House, You look so pretty decorated for Christmas.  I’m already a bit sad about taking down all of the decorations in a week.  At least we’ll get to continue the warm fires for the rest of this winter season!

Dear Joshua, I am so proud of your determination for finishing your article.  You are so smart and talented – I know this will shine through in your writing.  I love you.



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