In It to End It

This week our pastor began a series on 5 Lies We Believe.  The message for week 1 was great:

LIE: I can’t make a difference.  Evil wants us to believe there are too many obstacles in the way.  Constant barriers are put up to keep us fearful of changing the world.  Evil makes us think that we don’t have the right audience, we need to be asked, and we need better tools to initiate change.

TRUTH: I CAN make a difference and God CALLS us to be difference makers.   It doesn’t matter the size of the audience, or whether you’ve been asked to bring change, or if you don’t think you have the right tools.  If you are acting in love and desire change for God’s glory, then you can make a difference.

Today, along with others world wide, I want to help bring awareness to modern slavery.  Did you know that there are 27 MILLION men, women, and children living in slavery today?  Did you know that slavery effects 161 countries, INCLUDING the United States?  Here is a short video with a bit more information.

Please help shine a light on slavery.  Be in it to end it.

ImageEnd It Movement



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