Thankful Thursday

Time to pick up where I left off about a year ago. I started reading Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts more than a year and a half ago and was instantly motivated to start my own list of thanks. Like a lot of things in life – this list slowly dwindled from my radar and I stopped recording my thanksgivings.  I don’t know exactly why – other than I had stopped writing much of anything over the last year. It was a year full of work and school…and trying to fit in time with Josh, family, and friends when those 2 things weren’t consuming my life.  Now that school is over, I have a renewed desire to write and record my thoughts, memories, and thanksgivings.

So here I am, revived to pick up my list again.

Last year I ended with these 4 things:

24. More daylight, which means more time outside – more grilling out, more time in the yard, more hiking, more country drives with the windows down and sunroof open

25. Warm mornings. Joshua and I have a renewed desire to wake up earlier and get our day going now that the sun is rising earlier

26. A husband who holds me accountable to my personal goals. This morning Joshua kicked me out of bed for my desired morning run. I really would have loved to lay there and cuddle longer, but with the evenings staying so warm, I know I’ll have better runs if I get up and go in the morning

27. This morning’s run. So thankful I didn’t miss the beauty God has created for us to enjoy by staying in bed this morning. A country road in the morning light provides such serenity and joy

Today, I find myself thankful for:

28. Free time in the evenings to do things I enjoy – no longer dedicated to school!

29. Challenging projects at work that are allowing me to grow

30. My cell phone. As silly as this may seem, when your are managing a long distance marriage – the pieces of technology that keep you connected become important.  Thankful for our time on the phone every morning and evening

31. Renewed dedication to running – I’ve really missed my time outside with my feet hitting the pavement. Running always brings me joy

32. She Reads Truth – a great community of Christian women studying God’s word together and pursuing a life dedicated to His glory.

What are you thankful for today?


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