About Me

Vincent Adventures is a place for me to share about all of life’s journeys and the passions that fill those journeys.  This is my place to share our adventures with you.  It’s also a place to share my love for photography and art , my continuous journey of leading a healthy life, and my faith in a gracious and merciful God.  Thanks for stopping in and here is a little about me!

I’m Milli – a Southern transplant, born in Michigan but raised in Tennessee.  I love the South – cowboy boots, sweet tea, mason jars, warm summer nights, bluegrass music, the easy pace of life…the list goes on and on.

I married my best friend in 2008, after 5 years of long distance dating (Memphis, TN to Athens, GA).  To answer your question, yes…it was hard.  However, going to separate colleges really helped us grow as individuals and become an even stronger couple.  I don’t think we would change that if we could.

The best day: July 26, 2008

3 days after our honeymoon, we packed up and moved to Dallas to start our new life together.  Joshua started law school and I started working for the Y.  We made great friends, adopted our first pet (Pierre, the best cat in the world), and learned how to be a great team.  I think that’s our biggest goal, to be a team and work together, to support one another in achieving our dreams, and working to have a united front.  Dallas provided us a great opportunity to grow as a couple and learn how to be our own support system.

Today you’ll find us back in Tennessee.  We are re-learning and exploring the Nashville area and continuing to grow as a couple.  Each part of our journey has presented unique challenges and unexpected blessings.  I’m positive our future experiences will be just as wonderful.



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