Back to School: Bag Edition

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m headed back to school next week.  A new school year always makes me nostalgic for the days of shopping for new school clothes, a new backpack, and all of those school supplies teachers required you had.  While I’m sure I will be doing a little bit of buying for school supplies (I’ve already bought 3 books for my first class), I won’t be making any big purchases.  No new school wardrobe or backpack.  I’ll be sticking to the basics and a budget.

BUT, if I could get a new school bag here are a few I would LOVE.

1) Everlane’s Classic Tote

This bag is only $30, which is part of the reason I love it so much. It’s practical, has a great leather strap..and is only THIRTY DOLLARS. If you haven’t checked them out yet, head over to Everlane for a few other staple pieces at a low price.

2) L.L. Bean’s Custom Boat and Tote Bag

The greatest thing about this bag is the customizable aspect.  You can pick the size, the length of the straps, and the color of the bag and straps.  You can add a zip top to keep everything inside, a little pocket on the front, and if your heart desires, you can even get it monogrammed.

I like the traditional canvas color with a bright green strap.

3) Wanting something a little more high end?

I love the new Legacy Collection from Coach.  You can get the Candace Carryall is pretty much any color, but I just love something about the traditional tan.

Around the Web Wednesday

Here’s what I’ve been loving this week:

1) Teacup Candle tutorial on Cupcakes and Cashmere

Elegant, right?

2) Herb Vinaigrette Recipe from Cuisine du Monde

I’ve been craving fresh food a lot lately and I had a really great Cobb Salad from Panera earlier this week.  Well, I was craving another salad with a light dressing for last night’s dinner and this dressing did the trick!  It was so tasty and light.  I sat down with a big bowl of salad had that “I’m so proud of myself” moment because it tasted that good.

The Panera salad that got it all started.

3) I love a good public arts project and Honestly WTF posted a really cool Brazilian project for phone booths.

Who wouldn’t want to make a call from inside a disco ball? (Photos from Call Parade website)

This one reminds me of a 3D Kandinsky…or even Dr. Seuss

They are all pretty amazing.  Check out the others here.

4) Still in love with this DIY Bride Kit from Oh Happy Day

The great thing about this tutorial is you can really manipulate it for other occasions.  You would have to create the wording for the box, but it’s definitely adaptable for other occasions.

I actually did a little bachelorette box based on the above box for a friend and it twas a big hit. (Post to come on that soon)

Great Little Print Shop

Have you heard of Old Try?  It’s a great little print shops that makes these awesome letterpress prints revolving around all things Southern.  The owners/artists are married and both from the South…but living up North.  You should definitely go check them out.  The prints are really cool and pretty reasonably priced.

Here are a few of my favs (all images pulled from the Old Try website):

Love those 3 stars.

Honey Suckle, Lightning Bugs, and a Mason Jar. Quintessential Southern Summer

I do love me some Jesus and the thought of His love for me brings a grateful smile to my face.

Go take a look at the wonderful prints.  Which ones are your favorite?  Where would they hang in your home?

Van Gogh Goes Live

Found this cool interpretation of Vincent van Gogh’s A Wheatfield on Abbey Goes Design Scouting today.  Really cool concept.  Here is a comparison of the actual piece and the interpretation at the British National Gallery.

Pretty cool, huh?

Summer lovin’

I love summer for the warmth it brings, the long hours of daylight, the lighter foods and..of course awesome sundresses. I have one in particular I absolutely love because of the pattern.

I’ll have to get a full view later but you get the idea of how fun it is.

I also wanted to share my new haircut…about 2 weeks old now. I still have all the length, just re-cut some swoopy bangs in.


And lastly, I love summer for all of the fresh produce. I stocked up at the store this evening with:

Green beans




An my favorite…watermelon!


If it didn’t make such a huge mess, I would bite right into that huge slice.

So, here’s to summer and all the great things it has to offer. Those sun-filled evenings, fresh fruits and veggies, and cute sundresses that keep me cool.


So…like many women in the world, I love design.  I love home design…and I love dreaming about one day making my home as aesthetically appealing as all the marvelous pictures I come across on design blogs.  I love the diy’s and the before and afters you can find all over the web.

I wouldn’t say I have one specific style I like more than another.  Certainly, specific styles go with specific spaces.  My current home wouldn’t look quite right with a bunch of modern furniture.  Just the same, a downtown loft might not look exceptional with traditional furniture.  To me, it’s all about playing to what the space has to offer.

With all of that said, I love clipping and compiling design ideas.  I know Pinterest has been around for a while..but I recently downloaded the iphone version (which is my guilty pleasure when I have a spare moment or 2).  I liked that I had to be “invited” to join…I didn’t just go to the site and say “Create a New Account” I was actually invited.  There is just something nice about being asked to become part of something bigger, right?

Anyways, the idea is that you can create “Pinboards” of your favorite interiors, people, clothing, food, landscapes, crafts…pretty much anything that tickles your fancy..or find inspiration in.  I have set up my pinboards to align with the pages of my blog.  I figure I’ll be able to use both to help continue my inspiration.

So if you also pin to Pinterest, look me up.  My username is super easy: mvincent.  If you aren’t on Pinterest and want to track things that inspire you..this is a great way to do it.  Simply “request an invite” and a few days later you’re invite will appear in your inbox!

Happy pinning!

>Fun things from around the web

>I love searching design sites…and I love finding out what inspires others.  One of my favorite little blogs is A Cup of Jo. Some of her links from the last post were great and I wanted to share.

Kim McCarty does some BEAUTIFUL watercolors.  I love the plant life…but the nudes are pretty spectacular too.  All of her works are so light and crisp.

Michigan Mittens!  A piece of my heart lies in Michigan.
That’s where I was born and where all of my extended family lives.
So I like these little guys a lot.

That is all for now…I started this post over a week ago and am just now coming back to it.  I’ll have more fun things from around the web another day!