Marriage – Year 4

Happy anniversary to my best friend and husband!  I love you so very much and couldn’t imagine going through life without you, my teammate.

I love that we continue to learn how to be a better team year after year, and that our love and respect for one-another continues to grow.  Marriage is such a blessing, and even though the road may be tough, life is so much sweeter and easier with a partner to stand by my side.

We’ve had quite the year!  This time last year Joshua was in the midst of the TX Bar and we celebrated our anniversary with Outback Steakhouse in our hotel room.  In the past year we have moved home to Tennessee, started new jobs, Joshua has taken 2 more tests (and passed both!!  My husband is such a smarty!), I’ve decided to go back to school (more on that later), I’ve reconnected with a great group of girls who challenge me to grow in my relationship with Christ, Joshua has reconnected with some great old friends, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed life!

It has been so fun to explore and relearn Nashville together.  We’ve found great restaurants, listened to some great music, and had some really good cocktails.

I can’t wait to experience all that life has in store for us over the next year.  As always, it will surprise and bless us with things we could not have imagined.

Friday Letters

Dear Joshua,  I cannot believe next week will mark 4 years of marriage.  It has been quite the journey and I’ve enjoyed every minute with you.  I know there are great things ahead, and I cannot wait to experience it all with you.  Looking forward to celebrating our anniversary with some good ole’ bluegrass at the Ryman.

Dear girlfriends,  in 2 short weeks we will be reunited to celebrate our beautiful bride-to-be!!  Cannot wait to see you all, hug your necks and have some good ole’ quality girl time!  To our dear Megan, we are going to DEEPLY miss you but can’t wait to bring you along via Skype!  So thankful for technology!

Dear weekend, I am counting down the hours until your arrival.  We are looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday, Grandma’s visit, and Olivia’s home concert with the Sonshine Choir.

Dear readers, this is my first Friday’s Letters link up and looking forward to many more!