Contemporary Art, Southern Flair

Have you seen the work of Dolan Geiman?  I’m pretty sure he was at the Fort Worth Art Fair when we went a few years back.  He is definitely a mixed media artist, but has some really fresh paintings, too.  His tag is “Contemporary Art with a Southern Accent” and I definitely think he does a great job of capturing rural life in a cool, contemporary way.

Here are a few of my favorites:


Large Elk


These guitars are made to order. So cool, right?

You can order work through Dolan’s Etsy shop.  Go check him out.  I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll love.

Finger Painting

Emailed to me by by dear friend Hawley, a co-art lover! From Bored Panda

This morning, while sifting through my inbox, I ran across an email from a good friend.  Hawley and I went to Georgia together and bonded over art (we were in class together), our desire to run a 1/2 marathon, and our love for God.  I was expecting the email to have something to do with her new-born baby girl, Zoe (whom she welcomed to the world yesterday!) and found a link to this amazing artwork instead.

Seeing the above piece of art, what would you say the medium is?  Would you think ink, paint and brush?  Would you be surprised to hear that this entire work was done by hand?  And by hand…I mean the artist uses her fingers to create art.  No brushes, no pencils…her fingers.

Judith Braun is the artist of this massive piece.  She dips her fingers in charcoal dust and then goes to town creating masterpieces like the one above.

See more of her work on her website and check out the article over on Bored Panda.  Much of her other work is a bit more abstract, with beautiful patterns created from her charcoal fingerprints. Her bio story is quite fascinating, so check that out too!

Her work pushes me to be creative, think outside the box.  I do love to create, but sometimes I feel stifled and stuck on trying to perfect painting or drawing..which leads to not creating at all, as I get frustrated before I even start.  So, thanks for sharing Hawley, and thank you for inspiring me!  Be sure to kiss new little Zoe lots for me (and Eden too!).

Art Project

I recently completed my first Pintrest art project!  It comes from Tristin over at Two Girls Being Crafty.  I loved the idea..and I think I may need to add a little more to my version, but it was fun to reignite my artistic side! So, here is my finished product.

And here is the real deal.

I didn’t look at this while I was doing my version.  I sort of read the post about the project and ad-libbed from there.  If I were to do this again, I would definitely make my “stems” skinnier, rather than like tree trunks and I would use more muted colors.  I also didn’t use the sponges suggested in Tristin’s post.  I would probably try those next time too, to get more varied sizes in the “roundals”.  So there you have it…my very first pinterest project.