First Aid Kit

Have you heard the sweet tunes coming from the Swedish duo First Aid Kit?  Their music is folksy and absolutely beautiful.  “Emmylou” reminds me of good, old country.  It’s currently one of my favorites.  Take a listen and you’ll see why.  The sisters are super talented and I’m looking forward to their N.A. tour in the fall.

You can check out their website for tour dates and locations.

Who have you been listening to lately?

Western Weekend

By Western…I mean Country Western. And by Country Western I just mean a weekend spent downtown Nashville bar hopping on Broadway.

I had a couple of friends come in town from Atlanta and we headed out for some good live music and fun.  Friday night we grabbed dinner at Big River Grill.  We all enjoyed the food and it was a good spot to start the evening.  I had the Hawaiian Chicken and it was just perfect.

From dinner we headed back up Broadway and hit a few of the staples along the way.  We started at Whiskey Bent Saloon, which was a nice start to the evening.  We were done with dinner fairly early and started at the bars before the crowds really started to pick up.  Whiskey Bent had good live music and wasn’t too crowded, which was nice.  After a few songs we headed to the next stop.  We hit up The Stage, then Tootsies.  Tootsies was probably the best spot of the evening. The music was good, the company was great..and the owner was even there to give everyone a free drink!

Here you see the singer at Tootsies singing from the bar..sorry for the blur

We hit the town Saturday night, too.  We started at Doc Holliday’s on 2nd which was nice and relaxing.  We grabbed a couple of seats right at the bar.  It had a good local hang out vibe and one awesome wooden spiral staircase that could cause quite a knot on your head if you’re not careful.  We witnessed a girl hit her head twice, almost three times if her friend hadn’t pushed her head to duck.  Doc Holliday’s was followed by Whiskey Bent Saloon again, where Katie was smart enough to snap a group photo.

Me, Emily, and Katie at Whiskey Bent

Whiskey Bent was much more fun on Saturday night.  There was a bigger crowd and the band was great.  After being there for a bit we headed up to the Stage.  There was a bit of a line outside but we decided it might be worth it.  So, we waited..and while we waited I snapped a picture of the sign.  Yes, I am from Nashville…but I still like my tourist pictures, too!

Unfortunately, the music wasn’t worth the wait.  They had an 80s theme going on and it was beyond packed.  The 80s songs ended and we thought we hang out a bit longer to see what the next act would be like..but after 45 minutes they still weren’t on and it was time for me to head home.  So, we departed the Stage and headed back to Whiskey Bent, where we had success earlier in the night.

This is where my weekend of fun ended.  A 30 minute drive puts a bit of a damper on the fun but I had such a great time hanging out with Emily and Katie!  It had been WAY too long!  Looking forward to my trip to Atlanta in March to spend more time with them!


Oh…and yesterday I did absolutely NOTHING!  It snowed in the morning (melted completely by mid afternoon) and I curled up with my nook and made great progress on The Hunger Games.  By the time I went to meet Josh for dinner (around 8pm) I had this ridiculous fear that I needed to be watching for flying spears, fire balls, and other unseen dangers…as if I was Katniss (ha!).  I’ve been son enthralled with this book though.  I didn’t go to bed until 12:30, half waiting for Josh to get home and half absorbed by my book.  Not too much left before I get started on the next one!