Holidays are upon us

Working at Hallmark…we’ve been in semi-Christmas mode since July. Granted..I didn’t come on board until September. We’ve been listening to Christmas music since October 8 (ornament debut) and the store has now completely switched over to Christmas mode. All the cards (individual and boxed) are out…as well as the hot chocolate packs, Christmas coffee mugs, platters, etc. And pretty much anything else a lady may want as a gift can be found at the beloved Hallmark (at least ours, anyways).

But, I’m not here to give a pitch for Hallmark (though I do love the place and all the great things you can find there). I thought I would share some cool ideas for the holidays that I’ve been gathering on Pinterest. Since it seems that, culturally, we’ve started to skip right over Thanksgiving and look ahead to Christmas. So..instead of doing that, we’ll start with some things for Fall/Thanksgiving..which is only 2 weeks away!

For the cold weather (which seems to be on and off here in Tennessee), you can make these great little handwarmers:

Pocket Hand Warmers Fleece VANILLA CREAM Hearts Eco Friendly One Pair

Or you can purchase them from this Etsy shop: Warm Woole

You can make this really cute Yarn Wreath…this one uses fall colors, but you could do a red and attach different accents to use for fall and winter.

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You can find a tutorial for this on this great little blog: Twirl. She has a lot of great projects shown on her space!

So to make your own attachments for your wreath?? Don’t worry…I’ve found a great little tutorial on how to make your own felt flowers.

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Better Homes and Gardens supplied this tutorial.

What about centerpieces for your Thanksgiving dinner? I always love candles..but here are a few ways to add some festive accents to those candles.

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All you need are those decorative corn husks, some twine, and a candle. Nice and easy. The Working Woman’s Guide to Domestic Success has some other great ideas for adding elements of fall to your home.

I also like this idea…it’s really easy. Just add some kernals of corn to your glass candle holder. So simple and elegant.

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One last thing that can last the whole season.

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Pretty awesome…yes? A reusable coffee sleeve..errr coffee sweater. Get the how to on Ravelry and knit up a bunch. These little guys would make great Christmas gifts.

Next up will be Christmas ideas..decorating and a little gift guide.