Sign of the Dime

While running our race 2 weeks ago, mom stopped around the 3 mile mark to pick up a dime. She sounded so thrilled to find it, proclaiming, “Oh! A dime!!” I was a little confused because, to me, it was only 10ยข. When I expressed to her my confusion she told me her story behind dimes. And now I am sharing it with you!


My grandpa passed away in October 2008. He was diagnosed with colon cancer the previous summer (2007) right before his 80th birthday. He had a hard battle during that year. He went through chemo and radiation and for a couple of months things looked ok. But, colon cancer is tough and it soon returned. During the week of my grandpa’s funeral one of my mom’s friends shared the story of the dime with her. Mom’s friend had also lost her father and was looking for a sign of peace and comfort. She started finding dimes in unexpected places….and dimes only. This wasn’t a collection of change..just simply dimes and they tended to show up on especially hard days.

Mom held on to that story after the funeral and now she has her own collection of stories around dimes. My dad was living in Michigan at the time, he had been tranferred back for GM, and my mom was in Tennessee alone with my younger sister. One day mom was cleaning out one of dad’s drawers and found a drawer full of dimes…again, not a mix of change…just dimes. She expressed that she continues to find dimes just when she needs a little extra love. She’ll find them getting out of the car when she’s headed into work, or hidden in a drawer that change doesn’t generally go in. God keeps giving her signs that He is there…and that Grandpa is there too.

So, when you are having a rough day, or need some that extra inspiration…stop and look around, you may just find your own dime.

Have you repeatedly experienced unexpected signs of encouragement?