Friday Letters

Dear hot air ballooners, I have to admit I am a little envious of your morning ride past my house.  It looks so peaceful to be above it all early in the morning.  There is nothing like seeing a beautiful sunrise and I imagine it is even more glorious up there…in the sky.

Dear husband, I am going to miss you so much this weekend!  This weeks seems to have flown by with little time to connect.  Thanks for the sweet morning cuddles.  They are always the best.  Drive safely…and can’t wait to hop on the back of the new Duc!

Dear sister, I can’t wait to spend the weekend with you!  Looking forward to some quality time together…even if that means working on homework at the kitchen table (2 papers due on Tuesday)

Dear school, I can’t believe my first class is already coming to a close.  A little stressed about these last two assignments, but I’m feeling confident…which is always good.  Looking forward to my next class…but my first class set some pretty high expectations.  Hoping the second lives up to my expectations!

Dear readers, Hope you have a fantastic weekend!  Anything special planned?

Friday Letters

Dear Tennessee, It has been a year since we moved back and you have not disappointed.  I am LOVING your cool September mornings.  The picture above captures your morning beauty wonderfully.  Looking forward to all the beautiful colors this fall.  You’ll be able to find us cruising the Trace.

Dear girlfriends, It was so so SO good to see you all this past weekend and celebrate Jacklyn and Ryan’s marriage together.  Loved that we were all at the same table sharing laughs, smiles, and good conversation (of course).  You all filled my heart with joy.  My cup runeth over!

Dear Language and Literacy Acquisition, I am absolutely LOVING all the new material I am learning.  So long overwhelming feelings – I’ve got this!  I’ve learned so much about writing in 3 short weeks and I’m excited to learn everything else you have in store for me.  Such a good feeling to know I’m headed down the right path!

Dear momma, Thanks for agreeing to run the Franklin Classic 5k with me.  It was quite a humid Labor Day morning and I had a great time running along side you.  Looking forward to a few more this year.  Let’s finish the fall strong.  Goal: 1 race per month. Our pre-race picture is below. Love you!

Happy weekend, everyone!  I have just a few plans this weekend.  They include fingerprinting for school, going to see NPR’s “Says You” with a small group, a birthday party, and if I can convince Joshua – I want to go to the Greek Festival at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church,

What are YOU up to this weekend?


Friday Letters

The beginning of this week was a bit overwhelming.  I’m so thankful it’s Friday and I’ve pulled through all of the new things this week has brought.

Dear Acura RDX, You rock and welcome to the family!  Maybe one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Looking forward to many years of driving you.  So glad we found you. I promise to figure out a rad name for you.  (Any suggestions out there?)

Dear Joshua, Thank you for being my rock through this week.  You are such a wonderful, loving husband and all your words of encouragement have been such a blessing this week.  I’m looking forward to our adventure this evening and some cuddle time this weekend.

Dear school,  You started out a bit overwhelming, but I think we’re going to get along rather nicely.  I’ve already learned so much and it’s only the first week..and I’ve only had one class!  Looking forward to the rest of this journey and becoming a strong, confident, loving teacher.  My class this quarter is all about teaching children to write and the first thing I’ve learned is that I need to be a confident writer.  I would say this blog has really helped me with that confidence.

Dear BuNasty (aka The Bu), Our journey together has come to a close.  You’ve been replaced by the beauty above, but I have some fond memories traveling to states far and wide.  You took me from Freshman year of college all the way through 4 years of marriage….it’s been a real ride but you just weren’t cutting it anymore. Thanks for keeping me safe.  Your last picture is below (later that bit the dust).

Dear readers, I hope each of you has had a wonderful week.  Thanks for stopping in and have a wonderful weekend!


Friday Letters

Dear Girlfriends, You all are so beautiful (inside and out).  Our weekend together was absolutely wonderful and couldn’t ask for a better group of friends.  So thankful for such a lasting friendship.  It was so great to Skype with Megan 2 days in a row and simply be together.  I am so excited for all of the life changes going on for everyone!  I never tire of hearing all of stories from everyone’s lives.    Y’all really put the meaning in “Girls Rule”.  Also, these Friday Letters remind me so much of choir tour and talking in letter format…nostalgia!

Dear workouts, I am trying hard to get back into a regular relationship with you.  This week has been hard but I promise next week will be better.  Was going to swim with Joshua last night, only to find the swim bag missing from my trunk.  Oh…and I am REALLY excited to try out the new swim-spa that is now in our backyard!  Water running and swimming against the current – can’t wait!

Dear Joshua, Thank you for always making me smile and feel so loved.  I’ve had so much fun watching the Olympics with you this week…even if I did fade pretty fast last night.  You’re the best.

Dear Sister, You’re a SENIOR!!!  I know I don’t need to tell you this, but enjoy every moment.  You have become such a beautiful, inspiring young woman and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you.  Love you dearly!

Dear Olympics, It’s been fun, but I’m ready to have my life back.  I’m pretty thankful it’ll all be over on Sunday.  Thank you for leaving me with my jaw dropped almost nightly.  The athletes of the world are simply amazing!


Friday Letters

Dear Mr. Skaggs, thank you for putting on a great final show for the Bluegrass Nights at the Ryman last night.  We greatly enjoyed your music and all of your special guests.  It was a perfect end to a wonderful series.  Oh- and thank you for bringing Barry Gibb out on stage, that was super awesome.  Only in Nashville!

Dear Joshua, had a great time listening to Ricky Skaggs with you last night.  Thank you for getting the caramel corn, it hit the spot!  Loved our low key, laid back anniversary evening.  Also, brownies a la mode are pretty amazing.  Glad we indulged last night.  Love you to the moon and back.

Dear weekend, I’m looking for a little rest after this busy week.  Please allow me to sleep in on Saturday and enjoy a semi-lazy day.  Looking forward to painting a kennel with the family and Friday night dinner at the Pharmacy!

Dear girlfriends, only 7 more sleeps until I get to hug your necks!!  Can’t wait for our weekend getaway to the lake!  It’s going to be the best.

Friday Letters

Dear Joshua,  I cannot believe next week will mark 4 years of marriage.  It has been quite the journey and I’ve enjoyed every minute with you.  I know there are great things ahead, and I cannot wait to experience it all with you.  Looking forward to celebrating our anniversary with some good ole’ bluegrass at the Ryman.

Dear girlfriends,  in 2 short weeks we will be reunited to celebrate our beautiful bride-to-be!!  Cannot wait to see you all, hug your necks and have some good ole’ quality girl time!  To our dear Megan, we are going to DEEPLY miss you but can’t wait to bring you along via Skype!  So thankful for technology!

Dear weekend, I am counting down the hours until your arrival.  We are looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday, Grandma’s visit, and Olivia’s home concert with the Sonshine Choir.

Dear readers, this is my first Friday’s Letters link up and looking forward to many more!