goer vs. stayer

It’s finally Friday and all I really wanted to do this weekend was lay around and relax.  Somehow, I have planned yet another fun-filled weekend…which means no laying around.

Joshua and I constantly have the battle of “goer vs. stayer”.  You see, I am really much more of a “stayer” – I like to be home doing things together..not running around the city all weekend.  Joshua is the more social of the 2 of us and he is definitely the “goer” type.  But hen, I somehow plan all of these events for us to GO to and before you know it, the weekend is over and I haven’t had an ounce of time spent relaxing at home.  But, I suppose that’s what weeknights are for!

Our itinerary for the weekend includes:

1) Sounds Baseball Game (Friday)

Why yes, that is a GUITAR SHAPED SCOREBOARD you see. Possibly our favorite thing about the Sounds.

2) RC Cola – Moon Pie Festival

Yes, the “Southern Duo” has their own festival where a queen and king are crowned.

There may also be an event for “lassoing the largest Moon Pie”…I don’t know…

You may just need to check it out for yourself…it’s going all day Saturday in Bell Buckle, Tennessee

3) Father’s Day Dinner with my side of the family

We’ll be celebrating my dad Saturday night, before Mom, Dad, and Olivia head to the Bahamas for a mission trip.

4) Father’s Day Lunch with the Vincent family

It’ll be the 4 of us plus the rest of the family.

Everyone is coming over to our place for lunch…must start planning a menu!

Sunday night is Bible Study – we’re doing Beth Moore’s study on Daniel and are at the half way point.  It’s been a good study so far..this week has been especially good! Then Joshua and I are headed over to my parents’ house to stay for the week.  I’m looking forward to some time on our own, possibly some evening walks to the park, and a shorter commute to work!

What do you have planned for the weekend?  Are you a goer or a stayer?

Another Year Older

Thanks to my amazing husband, I had a weekend full of birthday celebrations!

We started the weekend with dinner at the Red Pony in downtown Franklin Friday night.  If you haven’t been there, you MUST try it out. The food and drinks are absolutely wonderful.  It’s best to have a reservation…especially for a larger party.  Josh and I went sans reservation and have maybe a 5 minute wait before being seated on their back patio, which was absolutely perfect. The best part was the food presentation.  It wasn’t a “here is your beef tenderloin with mash potatoes and green beans on the side as an after thought” kind of place.  It was more of a “here is a plate that has been carefully arranged with complimentary flavors” kid of place.  Gosh, I cannot say more good things about the food.  The drink list had a lot of “Western” inspired drink names.  Being the fan that he is, Joshua got the Clint Eastwood and it was delicious!

Saturday we headed to the Nashville Zoo.  It was the perfect zoo weather (a cool 75 with a great breeze) and the mass of people was there to prove it.  Thankfully, Joshua’s parents got us a membership so we got to skip the long line at the entrance!  I decided not to bring the camera and got one good picture of an elephant with my phone.

Elephant at the Nashville Zoo

One our favorite things to do at the zoo is hang out in the reptile house.  Seriously, it’s like a live “Where’s Waldo” but with lizards, snakes, and frogs instead of a guy in a red and white striped shirt, had and glasses.  Unfortunately, the mass amounts of people kept us from staying with the reptiles.  But that’s what we have a membership for! Looking forward to another visit on a less crowded day.

The zoo was followed by lunch at Burger Up.  My brother is a cook there, so we got to hang out with him for a few minutes and he was able to suggest some of his favorites…like the BACON JAM BURGER!  Joshua got that and my bro brought some extra bacon jam for me to try.  I highly suggest going and trying it out..not sure how long it’ll be on the menu as it’s on the specials board.

We popped into Las Paletas right next door for an out of this world popsicle.  If you are in Nasvhille and haven’t had one yet..get on that trip asap.  So good and fresh!  Joshua got the Hibiscus popsicle dipped in chocolate and I got the mixed berry creamy popsicle.  It was like ice cream on a stick…so good and refreshing!  The bonus- the chocolate they use for the dipping is a local made chocolate.

Joshua and I with our popsicles

Sunday was spent at Arrington Vineyards with both sides of the family.  Mom made an out of this world picnic for us and I got to bring my picnic basket, which was a present from Joshua several birthdays ago.  We sat under a large oak tree and dined on the delicious food and then had our wine tasting up at the main building.

Entrance to Arrington Vineyards


The Vincent Family

With mom, dad, and Olivia

Views from Arrington

So blessed to have such a wonderful family to spend a beautiful, relaxing day with.  Looking forward to all the memories we’ll be making this year!

Sister somehow knew to match the wrapping to my outfit!

Western Weekend

By Western…I mean Country Western. And by Country Western I just mean a weekend spent downtown Nashville bar hopping on Broadway.

I had a couple of friends come in town from Atlanta and we headed out for some good live music and fun.  Friday night we grabbed dinner at Big River Grill.  We all enjoyed the food and it was a good spot to start the evening.  I had the Hawaiian Chicken and it was just perfect.

From dinner we headed back up Broadway and hit a few of the staples along the way.  We started at Whiskey Bent Saloon, which was a nice start to the evening.  We were done with dinner fairly early and started at the bars before the crowds really started to pick up.  Whiskey Bent had good live music and wasn’t too crowded, which was nice.  After a few songs we headed to the next stop.  We hit up The Stage, then Tootsies.  Tootsies was probably the best spot of the evening. The music was good, the company was great..and the owner was even there to give everyone a free drink!

Here you see the singer at Tootsies singing from the bar..sorry for the blur

We hit the town Saturday night, too.  We started at Doc Holliday’s on 2nd which was nice and relaxing.  We grabbed a couple of seats right at the bar.  It had a good local hang out vibe and one awesome wooden spiral staircase that could cause quite a knot on your head if you’re not careful.  We witnessed a girl hit her head twice, almost three times if her friend hadn’t pushed her head to duck.  Doc Holliday’s was followed by Whiskey Bent Saloon again, where Katie was smart enough to snap a group photo.

Me, Emily, and Katie at Whiskey Bent

Whiskey Bent was much more fun on Saturday night.  There was a bigger crowd and the band was great.  After being there for a bit we headed up to the Stage.  There was a bit of a line outside but we decided it might be worth it.  So, we waited..and while we waited I snapped a picture of the sign.  Yes, I am from Nashville…but I still like my tourist pictures, too!

Unfortunately, the music wasn’t worth the wait.  They had an 80s theme going on and it was beyond packed.  The 80s songs ended and we thought we hang out a bit longer to see what the next act would be like..but after 45 minutes they still weren’t on and it was time for me to head home.  So, we departed the Stage and headed back to Whiskey Bent, where we had success earlier in the night.

This is where my weekend of fun ended.  A 30 minute drive puts a bit of a damper on the fun but I had such a great time hanging out with Emily and Katie!  It had been WAY too long!  Looking forward to my trip to Atlanta in March to spend more time with them!


Oh…and yesterday I did absolutely NOTHING!  It snowed in the morning (melted completely by mid afternoon) and I curled up with my nook and made great progress on The Hunger Games.  By the time I went to meet Josh for dinner (around 8pm) I had this ridiculous fear that I needed to be watching for flying spears, fire balls, and other unseen dangers…as if I was Katniss (ha!).  I’ve been son enthralled with this book though.  I didn’t go to bed until 12:30, half waiting for Josh to get home and half absorbed by my book.  Not too much left before I get started on the next one!