New Job!

After a month and a is great to say that I am employed!  I have accepted a position at Vanderbilt Medical Center with a new department that is pretty much doing inside consulting..aka analytics.  I will not be doing the analyzing..I’ll simply be supporting, but I am so excited!  I went for orientation today and got my name badge…so official, it’s great!  I head in tomorrow to meet with my boss, who sounds pretty cool and I know I’ll be able to learn a good bit from him.  Currently, this position is “temporary” but the position is a full time position, and I take the temporary status to mean I am having a prolonged interview.  After all, I only discussed the job via phone for about 10 minutes…no in person interview.  If all goes well, this job will be fully mine soon!

I am going to continue my moonlighting at Hallmark..though only on the weekends…to save up some extra cash to hopefully pay for some classes I want to take in the spring.

On an aside, Josh and I have been doing some exploring recently and got some great shots of the countryside.  I’ll be sure to post those this week sometime.  We even saw a bald eagle!! Unfortunately, we only saw him once and I wasn’t quick enough with the camera.