Run On

As much as I try to make running an important part of my life…the truth is, I get distracted and it’s hard for me to keep it as a priority.  To try and overcome distractions, I’ve decided to run at least one race a month.  I love a good 5K, they are short and sweet…and attainable.  I’ve done my fair share of 1/2 marathon training…and I get a bit overwhelmed by the distance I need to achieve.  So, rather than focusing on such a LARGE goal, I’m going to focus on little goals.  So, I’ll focus on 5Ks and maybe later this year, a 10K or 2.

This weekend I ran the Fangtastic 5K downtown.  I was satisfied with my results, but think I can do much better with a little more dedication.  I also did a few things different Saturday morning…like drinking coffee.  I never eat or drink coffee before I run races…but this weekend I did.  It was raining, and the race wasn’t until 10…so I figured I would be good to go.  WRONG.  I will never drink coffee before a race again.  I could taste it and feel it the whole race.  I definitely needed to eat something..but maybe a smaller snack next time.  Like a banana and a bar or something similar.

I wasn’t able to snap any pictures before the race. I was rushing to get my number and take a few things back to the car before it started.  It’s also hard to snap some pics when you are by yourself.  I did capture a few post race pics.  One after I changed out of my wet shirts, and one of my shirt and number:

Results:  I came in 22 out of 149 in my age group with a time of 27:22.  Will be looking to beat this time in future races!