Dallas Trip

Joshua and I headed to Dallas last weekend for a little catch up time with some dear friends.  We headed out late Thursday afternoon, getting us to Dallas around 1am.  We had a great time on the drive and I even captured this amazing sunset.

Completely, awesome…right?  It kind of looked like it was going to storm our entire way there (at least the part that we had daylight for).  The rain held out until we were on our way home.

Friday was a casually filled day.  I headed to the Y to visit with some great old co-workers.  I was even treated to lunch at Mi Cocina.  They were all probably about to roll over and die because I used to NEVER want to go there (not huge on tex-mex), but it was great to do something that was old tradition.  Friday afternoon we headed to Twisted Root Burger for Joshua to grab some lunch.  He was so excited for their delicious fare.  The burger didn’t disappoint, but the beer selection DID!  We used to love Twisted Root for their huge, delicious selection…which has been drastically reduced to appeal to the college crowd. Total bummer.  Twisted Root was followed by a trip to AMS Ducati.  It was great to see our friends there and catch up for a while while surrounded by beautiful Italian motorcycles.

Like this beauty! (image from scenic reflections)

Motorcycles was followed by shopping for game day apparel with Ashley at NorthPark while the guys caught up over a beer and then dinner at Kona Grill.  We had some delicious sushi!

Pre-tailgate picture. The only one of us from the entire weekend.

Saturday was a day full of tailgating and football.  We went to the SMU tailgate for a while and then headed to a bar to watch the Tennessee vs. Florida game (Jayson’s choice…clearly NOT mine!).  The tailgate was really fun.  We got to see a bunch of Joshua’s old classmates and catch up with everyone.  Oh, and the weather was perfect.

The drive back was quite dreary, but we did get off the interstate and took Highway 100 from Memphis to Nashville.  If you ever have time to joy ride and find yourself headed from Memphis to Nashville (or the other way around), we highly suggest taking the back roads.  It is absolutely gorgeous with some awesome turns, too.
Well..that about sums it up!  How was your weekend.

Friday Letters

Dear Tennessee, It has been a year since we moved back and you have not disappointed.  I am LOVING your cool September mornings.  The picture above captures your morning beauty wonderfully.  Looking forward to all the beautiful colors this fall.  You’ll be able to find us cruising the Trace.

Dear girlfriends, It was so so SO good to see you all this past weekend and celebrate Jacklyn and Ryan’s marriage together.  Loved that we were all at the same table sharing laughs, smiles, and good conversation (of course).  You all filled my heart with joy.  My cup runeth over!

Dear Language and Literacy Acquisition, I am absolutely LOVING all the new material I am learning.  So long overwhelming feelings – I’ve got this!  I’ve learned so much about writing in 3 short weeks and I’m excited to learn everything else you have in store for me.  Such a good feeling to know I’m headed down the right path!

Dear momma, Thanks for agreeing to run the Franklin Classic 5k with me.  It was quite a humid Labor Day morning and I had a great time running along side you.  Looking forward to a few more this year.  Let’s finish the fall strong.  Goal: 1 race per month. Our pre-race picture is below. Love you!

Happy weekend, everyone!  I have just a few plans this weekend.  They include fingerprinting for school, going to see NPR’s “Says You” with a small group, a birthday party, and if I can convince Joshua – I want to go to the Greek Festival at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church,

What are YOU up to this weekend?


goer vs. stayer

It’s finally Friday and all I really wanted to do this weekend was lay around and relax.  Somehow, I have planned yet another fun-filled weekend…which means no laying around.

Joshua and I constantly have the battle of “goer vs. stayer”.  You see, I am really much more of a “stayer” – I like to be home doing things together..not running around the city all weekend.  Joshua is the more social of the 2 of us and he is definitely the “goer” type.  But hen, I somehow plan all of these events for us to GO to and before you know it, the weekend is over and I haven’t had an ounce of time spent relaxing at home.  But, I suppose that’s what weeknights are for!

Our itinerary for the weekend includes:

1) Sounds Baseball Game (Friday)

Why yes, that is a GUITAR SHAPED SCOREBOARD you see. Possibly our favorite thing about the Sounds.

2) RC Cola – Moon Pie Festival

Yes, the “Southern Duo” has their own festival where a queen and king are crowned.

There may also be an event for “lassoing the largest Moon Pie”…I don’t know…

You may just need to check it out for yourself…it’s going all day Saturday in Bell Buckle, Tennessee

3) Father’s Day Dinner with my side of the family

We’ll be celebrating my dad Saturday night, before Mom, Dad, and Olivia head to the Bahamas for a mission trip.

4) Father’s Day Lunch with the Vincent family

It’ll be the 4 of us plus the rest of the family.

Everyone is coming over to our place for lunch…must start planning a menu!

Sunday night is Bible Study – we’re doing Beth Moore’s study on Daniel and are at the half way point.  It’s been a good study so far..this week has been especially good! Then Joshua and I are headed over to my parents’ house to stay for the week.  I’m looking forward to some time on our own, possibly some evening walks to the park, and a shorter commute to work!

What do you have planned for the weekend?  Are you a goer or a stayer?

Lovely weekend

This weekend was pretty close to perfect.  Saturday we got up and ran a few errands and then relaxed a bit before I headed to Hallmark for one of my last shifts!  I have finally turned in my resignation letter!  Hallmark has been a great place…but I’m ready to have my weekends back, especially with the awesome weather starting.  Looking forward to Saturday hikes and time outside.

Sunday we slept in.  I always regret this a little, especially on Sundays when we miss church.  But…we did go on an amazing walk!!  We headed out for a short walk through the neighborhood close to the house (we don’t actually live in a neighborhood…just a good ole’ country road where cows are our neighbors).  Not long into our walk we found ourselves on a bit of an adventure, walking along the railroad tracks on a gravel road.  Our detour ended up being over 5 miles and aching feet were the reward.  Despite the aching feet, it was a great day to be outside and we were able to see some great pops of Spring!  This is when I regret not having a small camera to carry with me at all times…wish I had some pictures from our adventure!  But the time with Josh was so great and adventuring is one of our favorite things to do together.

We headed over to my parents’ house for lunch (a fiesta!) and came home with a grill!  My dad had his grill from the Michigan house and didn’t need it..so we got it!  We headed back home to get some packages ready to ship out and had great plans for the rest of the day…but exhaustion got the better of us and we didn’t get much accomplished in the afternoon.

I did make a pretty fantastic dinner…easy by fantastic.  Farfalle pasta with pesto, grilled chicken, and some roasted veggies (yellow squash, zucchini, red onion, and red pepper).  So tasty!  And we finished the night with an interesting movie: Atlas Shrugged, which is based on a book by Ayn Rand.  The book is from 1957 and Josh was familiar with it and the movie was released last year. 

And that sums up our weekend.  Did you do anything fun?

Workless Weekend

This was my first weekend without having to work since Christmas (and I only got off because I was out-of-town) and I thoroughly enjoyed my time off!  It was also the first weekend Josh didn’t have to study for a test, which meant an even BETTER weekend because we were able to spend the entire time together!

Saturday morning I woke up at 7:30.  Not my ideal idea of a Saturday morning..but I was able to finish Catching Fire before Josh woke up, which was a little bonus to the fact that I couldn’t sleep.  I had big plans for us and it started with eggs and toast for breakfast.  This was a vast improvement from our usually rushed bowl of cereal (if we have time to eat at all).  Then we headed to Radnor Lake for a hike…but both parking lots were jammed full so we headed home and took a stroll down our street instead.  This was just as good as a hike, but for different reasons.  All of the cows and horses of the surrounding farms were close to the road and we were able to see many baby calves.  There were some super fuzzy ones that were just adorable.

This picture is from last fall, but we could have easily snapped the same shot on Saturday.  The cows always tend to stare as you pass.  I love walking/running up and down our street, it’s so peaceful.  Our walk on Saturday was a bit cold and windy at first, but by the end we had worked up a sweat.  It was great!

This is another pictures from last fall.  It’s from an early morning run.  But it gives you the idea of what we get to see on walks.  This is from the top of a large hill on the way back to the house.

After our walk, we turned on Ben-Hur for a classic movie experience/nap time.  The movie was great, and time with my husband was the biggest highlight of the entire weekend.  Saturday night we headed to Mellow Mushroom for some brews and pizza.  The pizza is always good (the Kosmic Karma and House Special are two of our favorites).  Josh and I also like the abundance of their beer menu.  It probably has one of the largest beer menus in Franklin.  Pizza night was followed by a movie at home.  We selected Horrible Bosses for the evening.  It was super funny, but there was a lot of bad language.

Sunday started with church and communion.  Our church always does communion on the first Sunday of the month.  I always look forward to these services because communion is something I find very special.  After church we headed to the Perch to grab a coffee for the drive home.  If you haven’t been to the Perch and are in the Brentwood area, you have to check it out.  It’s a very tiny place, but packs some delicious treats.  One of my favorites is the Nutella Crepe.  I don’t suggest going when you are pressed for time.  The wait for a crepe yesterday was 50 minutes and it was a good 15 minutes before we got our coffee.  Josh and I noticed that they also do tapas, wine and beer in the evenings.  They have a nice little patio and once it warms up a bit more, we want to try it out in the evening.

The rest of Sunday seems to be all about food.  Sunday afternoon we went to brunch with some old friends that we haven’t seen since being back in town.  We headed to Hillsboro Village for a delicious brunch at Boscos.  The omelets were great, there was some nice live music, and the Bloody Mary was nice and peppery.  I highly suggest their brunch.  It’s delicious and decently priced.

We wrapped up the weekend with dinner at my parents’ house.  The food was fantastic, as always, and we had a great time together.

I loved that we were able to spend time with both of our families this weekend.  Family is so important and after being away from the for three years, I cherish the time I have with them.